Do it yourself: Easy way to check that 1970s-90s warming was due to Sun

11.12.2010 12:17


Do you want to know, if Sun can be blamed for global warming?

You do not need any expensive equipent, satellites or international scientific commissions.

You can verify that at home.


1) Astronomy knows, that the shorter the sunspot cycle is, the more intense the solar activity is in that cycle.

2) Google the length of the last 4 sunspot cycles. Counted from sunspot minimum to sunspot minimum. Or from maximum to maximum.

3) Put it into a graph

4) See what happens



  • K.Mursula. A new method to determine a solar cycle length. Geophysical Research Letters 20, No11, p. 1837-1840. June 1998. Available at  <ttp://>
  • You can find global temperatures, if you google up the graph CRUTEM
  • You can also google up the Arctic temperatures and compare with the development of solar activity in 1970s-1990s