Czech climate scandals



In 2009 Micronesia challenged the Czech Republic to stop the extension of its largest coal power plant. The argument was, that it might contribute to flooding of Micronesia. Which is absurd. Even if CO2 forcing was strong, the Czech coal plant might contribute by not more than several microns to sea level rise.

In 2009 the Ministry of Environment fired Mr. Pretel from the position of the "IPCC focal point". It was a punishment for his expert opinion about the "Micronesia versus Prunerov Coal Plant" case. A clear example, how environmentalists intimidate and silence scientists. An extensive lists of English articles on this case here.

Remember. The famous Greenpeace article threatening the skeptics "we know, where you live" was dedicated to this very Czech Prunerov-Pretel case.

You can read this green jewel here.



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The Czech station Klementinum has had temperature data since the late 18th century. Yet in mid 20th century GISS/CRU cut the data,  use a distant airport station instead and merge the two data sets. Odd. 



An international climate scandal discovered by the author of

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In winter 2010/2011 European Union used its money (2/3 billion CZK) to open "Czechglobe" in Brno, Czech Republic. It is to become a major centre of climatology research. In other words a HQ of European alarmist propaganda. By a mere coincidence the speaker of the Institute and administrator of their website is Jan Hollan, a famous Czech alarmist blogger (who translated John Cook's brochure to Czech).