About Klimaskeptik.cz

(With the Czech president Vaclav Klaus)


This website was established by Mr. Vitezslav Kremlik after the Climategate scandal.

I studied history. During the study of history I was most interested in how climate change affected great migrations in the past.

I work as a translator now.

When Climategate started, I was taking part in a blogging competition organised by EU about the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

I was virtually the only climate-skeptic, who managed to sneak into the Copenhagen Conference's Blogging Competition in 2009. The European Commission and European Journalist Centre, who organised this event, did not wish to hear any dissenting voices. But even a single skeptic managed to turn the idyl upside down. How? By pointing out to the inconvenient truths.



This website has attracted quite a lot of attention in the country of Vaclav Klaus.

1) I have been invited to the Czech senate by the European Affairs Committee to provide a testimony in a seminar about IPCC's statements (errors?) about solar activity. (see senat.cz)

2) Invited to the meeting of the Czech delegation before its trip to the IPCC meeting in Korea in autumn 2010. As a representative of the climate skeptic community. The meeting took place in the HQ of the Czech Hydro Meteorological Institute (CHMI)

3) Invited as a renowned climate skeptic to a public discussion organised by the Academy of Sciences of the Slovak Republic (presented by the chairman of the Academy): https://www.pansophia.sk/metamorfozy2010.html

4) One of my articles got worldwide attention. It was the one about the Judithgate scandal (Judith Lean). Even Cook has a note about it in his alarmist web. I consider it a success. https://climatechange.thinkaboutit.eu/think4/post/judithgate_ipcc_consensus_was_only_one_solar_physicist

5) Been on Czech television several times (Michaela Jílková Show, Karel Šíp Show, Drtinová-Veselovský TV Interview)

6) Speaker in a debate organized by a major Czech alarmist party (social democracy). The debate was presented by former Czech Eu-comissioner Mr Špidla.

7) Supported by the Czech weather agency Meteopress.

8) Invited to meet Czech president Vaclav Klaus twice.